Don’t put off the design of your stairs until the end of a your project. History shows that budget will be easier to keep if you design before hand and the finished work is not put off.Change your existing stain color to a new custom color stain that you really want. All of our stain colors are made custom on site for your approval.

New Construction
We can help you with all of your new construction needs. From design to your rough framing to a beautiful finished product.

Baluster Exchange
Replace your existing balusters with solid iron balusters or any other wood balusters of your liking. Custom wood turning and special designs are available.

Flooring Installation
Providing you with competitive flooring install service

Complete Remodel
Design, demo your existing stair, install and finish (paint/Stain)

Minor Repair
Loose handrail, broken baluster or squeaking treads etc.