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Hardwood stairs provide great climbing comfort. Tall steps can make climbing hard and shallow steps can be dangerous. Building stairs require a careful plan to ensure safety. Depending on the measurements, this can be a tricky situation.
There are three parts to a staircase, they are known as the stringers, treads and risers. Stringers are the sloped boards that support the other components and carry the overall weight of people walking on the stairs. Treads are formed on the top surface of each step. Risers are installed directly under the front lip of each tread. Without risers, stringers are believed to crack or break much sooner.

Once you’ve got your stair plan figured out, you have to find out what type of wood is most suitable for your staircase. Oak is generally the most common type of hardwood used for staircases, this is because it can be stained to match with other colors. There are also a variety of other popular wood alternatives. For example, poplar, ash, birch, maple and alder are considered to lighten the area. Other types of wood such as, mahogany, cherry, jatoba and walnut are perfect examples of dark woods that add a variety of richness.

After selecting the wood, we then look at stains. Look at the color of the wood first. Is it red, gray, blonde or yellow? Use a stain with that shade as your base and lesser amounts of a secondary stain until you reach the desired tone. Don’t mix more than three wood tones at a time, and always be sure to mix enough to complete the entire wood stairs project. Stains are used to give inexpensive wood an expensive looking appearance. In order to do this, you must use wood with a similar grain. Therefore, if you want a less expensive wood to achieve a cherry appearance, you must use a wood like maple. This is because both types of wood have a tight grained pattern. Similarly, poplar is often used as a cheaper alternative for white oak wood.

Stains are applied with clean rags, cheese cloth, brushes and other different types of applicators. If you’re using a brush, use a high-quality one because it will carry more finish and it won’t leave bristles in your stain.

The final color of your stain is determined by four factors. It depends on the color you select, the nature of the wood, and how absorbant it is, as well as how long the stain is left on. A stain should be left on from a few seconds to a maximum of 15 minutes. There are over 100 stain colors to choose from, it’s best to try stain on a piece of sample wood. Always test the color on a hidden section of the wood you are currently using.

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