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Three Endless Designs for your Staircase Remodeling Project

Do you happen to live in a big house? Maybe your house is two stories? If you decide to remodel your home, be sure to give your staircase some thought. This is because the design possibilities are literally endless when it comes to remodeling a staircase. Your staircase could be either hardwood or carpeted.

If you are replacing carpeted stairs or building a hardwood staircase from scratch, then you must know that hardwood steps don’t necessarily have to be built the traditional way. Our stairbuilders have three terrific ideas to give you stairs some personality:


Consider putting tile on the hardwood staircase to create a very unique look. It can help prevent scuff marks. If you want to be creative, then paint them. You can use a solid color to match or contrast your walls. You can even create a fun design like a faux carpet, numbers or nature.

Use the banister

Whether a curvy and whimsical or straight with vertical and horizontal lines, an interesting banister can transform your wood staircase into a work of art. Although it’s generally best to pick a design that complements the staircase. Some homeowners choose to be bold and contrast with their steps to create a stunning look. Don’t be scared to add texture or possibly incorporate different materials such as glass, rope or steel.

Make it freestanding

Although most hardwood staircases are generally against a wall, you could also build your steps as if it’s a center stage. Take your time to think about other shapes that are curved, spiral or switchback. Then put them in the middle of the space to divide a large room while giving an open feel.

So if you’re ready to transform your old carpeted stairs into a fresh, new hardwood staircase then you definitely want to talk to a stair contract to figure out the best way of doing so. Find out how we can help you enhance your stair project.