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Staircase Remodeling Ideas – Wood and Iron | Stainless | Contemporary

Staircases come in many different styles, and many include elaborate entrances or modern centerpieces. There are plenty of ways to remodel a staircase. Here are a few popular styles of staircase remodeling ideas:

Wood and Iron Staircases
This type of remodeling offers endless possibilities which can beautifully interweave the more rigid styles such as traditional and mission. Wood and iron staircases vary in texture, shape and feel. The exquisite combination of wrought iron with luxurious hardwoods provides limitless design possibilities for a truly unique staircase.

Wood and Stainless Staircases
The wood and stainless steel staircase includes wooden steps that come in different types of wood with several finishes such as oil, bleached, and polyurethane varnishes. The thickness of wooden steps can vary depending on the diameter of the staircase. The stainless steel parts require no welds and are assembled through mechanical fastenings. The stainless steel finish can either be polished or sanitized.

Craftsman Contemporary Staircases
The contemporary style utilizes materials such as steel and glass in clean lines with often glossy finishes. It has grown very popular as materials and techniques improve. This type of staircase can include just about any non-traditional style. The design can be very simple using distinct lines or elegant curves. Most contemporary designs include simple details which expose all the elements with minimal moldings, trim and décor.

Staircase remodeling can be very exciting because it’s a fabulous way to enhance your household’s interior elegance. With various designs to choose from, you can give a completely different look to the staircase, or choose to enhance the existing design by adding a few new elements. To get some ideas of what we can do check out some of our staircase design ideas.