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Staircase Architecture | Stair Builder | Murrieta California

Make sure you find a quality stair builder! The stairway is one of the most important elements of any household. Staircases link two or more floors and it can be built and finished with different kinds of materials. A staircase can be designed to be either modern and simple or grand and elaborate. Here are some popular architectural designs for different types of stairs:

Straight Stairs
-Simplest design, no turns and used most in home construction by stair contractors
-Easy to construct and less expensive

L-Shaped Stair (Quarter-Turn Stair)
-One landing at some point along the flight of steps
-Useful when the space required for a straight stairway is not available
-Possible to be located in the corner
-Provision of resting place and the reduced distance of fall

U (Double L – Shaped) stairs (half –turn stair)
-Two flights of steps parallel to each other
-180 degree turn at one large central landing
-Useful when there’s a need for many raisers requiring a small floor space

Winder Stairs
-Pie-shaped stairs which are substituted for a landing
-Less space required then L and double L stairs

Spiral and Circular Stairs
-Circular stairs: sweeps in a broad curve from one level to another
-Spiral stairs: twists around a center pole and steps radiate outwards
-It can be used where little space is available
-Suitable for access to a variety of floors such as attics, basements and lighthouses
-Very nice aesthetics

A well designed staircase can enhance the home’s foyer without altering the floor plan. The right design can give your stairway more style, distinction and value. Take into account things such as affordability, flexibility, and safety when designing your staircase and choosing the right stair builder.