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Spiral Staircases | Stair Builders

Spiral Staircases

Spiral stairs typically wind around a central pole. They generally have a handrail on the outer side and have a central pole within the inside. They are considered to be an architectural work of art. Spiral staircases are steep and compact and they make a great stairway in either a home or office that doesn’t have much space.

Spiral staircase designs have been used in buildings for centuries, and it’s considered to be the best way of creating a two-story home with limited floor space. A traditional flight of stairs requires more room to construct; and a spiral staircase is compact due to space constrictions.

Since there isn’t much room, a spiral staircase should not be used in an area where you plan to move heavy objects regularly. Spiral staircases should be seen as a second stairway or a staircase that is used to get from one level to another.

It’s important to be cautious when walking up and down a narrow spiral staircase. It can be dangerous for anyone because the steps are so close together, it can be also be seen as a potential safety hazard if a person loses balance.

However, not all spiral staircases are made to be narrow and steep. Spiral staircases can also be made for the convenience of elderly people and smaller children. Depending on how you get it constructed, it can be perfectly safe.

Today, spiral staircases are primarily used for practical and visual purposes. They give you more floor space, they are also more aesthetically appealing, and they make efficient use of areas in homes and offices. Like many other staircases, a spiral staircase can be customized, it just depends on what your goal is. Contact one of our professional stair builders for any questions you may have!