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Sometimes a staircase can be taken for granted. Before you decide to have custom stairs built, remember that a staircase isn’t just a link between two floors. It is a grand architectural feature that can turn an ordinary entryway into a fabulous entrance. Although it is very generic, your staircase can help define your own style. It can also showcase your décor. By adding a unique staircase design, hand-crafted railings and solid materials, you can easily improve the overall look to guarantee it’s something you’re satisfied with.

When deciding what staircase to build, it’s vital you discuss your design interests with a stair contractor. Your top consideration should always be space. Stair builders come in different sizes, not every type fits in every home. For example, a double-sided staircase only works in large entryways. So for a smaller space, you should consider opting for a straight or L-shaped stair instead. After finalizing that function, you can then narrow down your options based on staircase designs. Talk to your contractor to figure out stair remodeling ideas. An elliptical or curved stair gives a touch of elegance. A spiral staircase is more exotic and considered to be a fun approach.

The staircase should be able to blend in with the rest of your house or office. It’s never a good idea to mix two dramatically different tones, such as traditional and modern designs. Carpet and stone also happen to be popular traditional materials. Steel and floating wood steps are trendier alternatives. You’ll also be able to get creative with the railing. An industrial-style rail can help make wood treads contemporary, or an ornate metal railing can provide you with a stylish feel. Ultimately, appearance is important, but safety should be your biggest concern when building or remodeling a staircase. If you have young kids then an open railing or hard metal steps are probably a bad idea. It can be a huge safety hazard. If you have dogs in the house, then expect them to scratch up the hardwood. Please contact one of our professional Irvine Stair Builders for any questions you may have.