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Handrail Options

What we commonly refer to as a railing actually refers to a combination of components and in most cases, handrails (the smooth surface you hold on to), balusters (the vertical members that help support the handrail as well as restrict the size of the openings within the balustrade), and newels (the posts usually located at the beginning and end of a flight of stairs as well as at other key structural points). Each component comes with a wide variety of options. The most important thing about the grip is the actual handrail. Here’s what you need to know about handrail options:

They provide a sturdy surface to grip, as well as a solid barrier between stairs and the lower floor. Hand railings make a stairway safe and easy to use. They are also central to a stairway’s architectural impact.

When building a deck handrail there are several options to choose from. For example, you can build the railing out of wood, metal, vinyl or composite. Wood is the cheapest option and you can use redwood, cedar or treated wood. Wood railings can be made in limitless designs and are always a good choice if you are willing to keep a good stain on them. However, vinyl railings come in only a few colors and styles but they are also conveniently maintenance free. Composite materials are also becoming very popular for hand railings because they are available in many colors and styles to choose from. With that being said, metal railings are the most durable and cost the most. A good option is to combine metal with composites or wood. Many people are happy with this option because it gives a unique look that allows you to have an open feel.

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