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Glass staircases provide a look of exclusivity and design elegance to any setting. It could be in a commercial or industrial building, or perhaps a modern home interior, the sleek look and clean lines of glass steps create a look that gets a lot of attention.

Glass steps are generally combined with other materials like stainless steel to create elegant walkways that are incredibly eye-catching.

These types of stairs also include a special type of protective solution. The solution ensures they remain non-slip, durable and safe. Furthermore, these types of steps also feature a diffused surface. They provide privacy from any prying eyes below the stairs.

Glass stairs are convenient because it allows the most creative freedom. The staircase can literally be produced in any style. The transparent nature of glass makes it possible to incorporate a picture or logo in the steps or on landings. Many commercial buildings prefer to have glass stairs due to its modern look. LED lighting can also be included to illuminate the steps; it reinforces the unique character of every design. The versatility of the LED lighting can transform your glass to suit your mood or special event. The following colors are very popular in glass stairs: True White, Cold White, Red, Blue, Amber, Fuschia, Cyan, Blue and Green.

A top of the line stair tread brings pleasure to anyone walking up stairs. The many textures offered for glass stairs bring an organic touch and allow for a perfectly anti-skid surface. Here is a list of some popular textures:

Natura – Beautiful and organic in feel due to a gentle flow in the patterns

Craco – Crackled glass, providing a soft texture with sporadic lines resembling a natural crackling effect

Brossa – Sweeping brush strokes creating a soft directional pattern

Vaga – Wave like pattern, often resembling the sea, and most popular for ocean side homes

Terra – Resembling an earth like pattern

Herma – Very textures, cracks and chunks everywhere

Pauma – Small indentations create an unusual pattern for unique spaces

Dropa – Like freshly fallen raindrops creating a water like pattern

Minima – Minimalist, clean and crisp, virtually textureless

Granula – As popular as the Natura and similar, it has a standard flow in pattern

The glass staircase is a natural architectural centerpiece and often makes the first impression as one enters a home or business. They are well known for its luxurious design with unique flexibility. Many people consider it to be stylish and bold. Contact one of our glass staircase builders today!