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Everything you need to know about Deck Stairs

Deck Stairs are typically the last part of the deck to be tackled, this is because they’re the hardest part of the deck to build. The best solution for building strong deck stairs is to create a heavy duty steel stair brack system. This allows you to make automatic adjustments to create any rise or run you potentially require.

You really only need two stringers for deck stairs up to approximately 7’ in width. No center stringers are needed for this project because the riser acts as a load-bearing joist. That gives you strong and durable stairs. Majority of the saw cuts are eliminated and require only three to four cuts per stringer.

Professional stair contractors have a stair building system which is simpler and faster than the conventional stair building. The stairs turn out so well made that you won’t have to worry about hearing a squeak. These type of stairs can also be used for interior purposes such as basement stairs, tongue and groove stairs and even concrete form-work.

For interior jobs you can use stringers that are 2x6 and interior risers can be 2x8 or3/4” to 1 1/8”. Interior treads can be 2x12’s or 1 1/8” to ¾”.

The following tools and materials will be needed for building these types of projects: a power drill, skill saw, Phillips flat head, deck screws for every 9” of tread and riser connection.

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