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Remodeling a new staircase can be difficult task. Before you meet with your stair contractor for staircase remodeling ideas you should familiarize yourself with the different parts in a custom staircase remodel. These parts will help you come up with a finalized staircase design.

Baluster: A vertical member used between railing and tread or floor. Balusters provide support, safety and stability to the balustrade.

Balustrade: The name for a complete assembled rail system.

Bow newel: A large square newel that is hollow inside, used at starting steps or in post to post balustrades.

Box stair: A stair where the stringers house the treads and risers, forming a box like unit.

Bracket: Generally referred to as a tread or stringer bracket; this is a scroll shaped ornament fastened to an open stringer.

Cap: The round portion of a fitting which flares, permitting the fitting to set onto the top of a newel post. Cap fittings are used in an over the post balustrade system.

Cove molding: A trim molding used to finish the joint where the face of the riser and the underside of the tread join.

Easing: That portion of a fitting which curves upward or downward, permitting the handrail to deviate from the rake of the staircase. Easing create a smooth transition, so that the hand can glide across the rail as it changes direction.

Fillet: A thin molding that is fitted into plowed handrail and shoe rail between balusters.

Gooseneck: A fitting used where the rake rail must rise vertically to meet a balcony or landing. Goosenecks can also facilitate directional changes.

Hand rail: The rail used as a hand hold or support in balustrade systems.

Landing newel: The longer newel post used at landing and balconies where the rake rail changes direction or pitch and then continues on. The length of the newel is governed by the number of risers at the point of vertical transition.

Landing tread: A nosed and rabbeted tread like molding used to form a finished surface at landing and balconies.

Level quarter turn: A fitting that permits level handrail to turn 90 or 135 degrees, available with or without cap.

Level rail: Handrail used on the level portion of a balustrade.

Newel: A vertical post used to start a post to post balustrade, also used at points of vertical and directional change. Newel posts provide the majority of the structural rigidity of a balustrade system.

Open stair: A staircase where the stringer has been cut out so that the stair treads are exposed on one or both sides of the staircase.

Over the post: A balustrade system which uses fittings on top of newel posts, creating an uninterrupted handrail.

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