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Stair Building Codes and Stair Contractors

The stair building code was created with the vision for building safety. Before the building code and local city enforcement such as building inspectors, anyone could begin remodeling their house.

Stair building codes are a big deal when looking for a stair contractor. You want to make sure your stair contractor and stair builders follow building codes. This is because stair building codes create the much needed safety for one of the most dangerous areas of your home. I’m telling you this because it’s not pretty when you fall down a staircase.

I once live in a house for almost 14 years and then I decided to redesign the stairs from a winder design to a simple T shaped set of stairs. Now, both sets of stairs were built using the local stair building code for my city. But then I was amazed at how many times we fell down the stairway. I couldn’t believe it because I followed all the building codes.

The point is that even when using the stair building codes, the stairs can still be a dangerous part of your house. Never take it lightly. A good stair contractor will do whatever they can to make sure it’s full-proof and hazard free.

Having a professional stair builder with years of experience install your stairs is a fantastic idea. If they come across a problem, they’ll know how to work around it and ultimately fix it.

Nonetheless, the purpose of the stair building code was designed to improve the safety and reduce the number of accidents while using the stairway. But it becomes a problem when a stair contractor decides to follow the building code and cut short other potential hazardous problems. A staircase that falls under the building code, but proves to be a liability can be a big problem for the owner. You want to do whatever you can to avoid a lawsuit because a lawyer would have a field day with a staircase lacking safety.

A stair builder that uses common sense while remodeling your home can easily build you a hazard-free staircase. So take your time and find the right stair contractor to avoid any unforeseen problems.