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3 types of flooring for staircases

When building stairs it’s important to always surround your staircase with durable flooring materials.

Why is it so important?

It’s because all flooring areas that lead towards the stairway and even the staircase itself will often be high traffic area. The area surrounding your staircase will be used frequently. People will walk to and from the staircase, up the staircase and into the hallway upstairs or possibly even downstairs.

So let’s go over a list of durable floorin materials:


Carpet staircases are very simple. Carpeting reduces noise and it even controls dust. If you have a wood staircase, you should think about installing a carpet runner or stair tread carpet pads. Carpeting provides you with additional traction while walking up and down the stairs. Other types of flooring can create hazardous problems for your family and guests. Don’t be fooled, because people slip down a stairway more than you think. Safety is always a concern when building a staircase.


Tiles are also durable, they’re long-lasting and it works great in high-traffic areas. However, even though it lasts a long time, you need to assess the potential problems you’ll face in the future.

For example, tile is considered to be slippery when wet. If you’re walking down a tiled stairway with a little moisture on your shoes, socks or bare feet, you could very well find yourself in a slippery situation. Ceramic tiles can create safety problems if used as a stair tread or step covering.

Timber Flooring

timber stairsSo we’ve talked about carpeting and tiles, now let’s discuss the pros and cons of timber flooring. Timber flooring comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. If you’re really looking for a fantastic look, wood flooring is what you’ll want. Talk to your stair contractor to see what types of wood they recommend.

Like many other houses, your staircase can always be a decorative centerpiece in your home. Look at it as a beautiful piece of furniture.

Wood looks very nice, but it can also be slippery when wet. It also doesn’t fare too well in high-traffic areas. But that’s why you have a 1-on-1 meeting with your stair builder. Ask your stair builders for extra information. It’s always a good idea to be informed and well prepared when rebuilding an important piece like a staircase.

Whether you decide to install tile, carpet or even wood in your new and improved staircase, do your best to find a professional stair contractor. A good stair contractor will always deliver what you want.