Let Beach City Stairs provide you with the quality and service you, the customer deserve. From simple staircase ideas and stair repairs to complete staircase designs, the commitment to our customers is from start to satisfied finish.

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What Is your biggest concern, goal or objective?

What is most important to you. Quality or cost?

5/4 vs. 4/4
5/4 wood is 1″ thick, the reason we choose to use this is because when you use thinner wood you have the chance of the wood cupping. Even though 5/4 wood is Beach city stairs’ standard, We are willing to use 4/4 material however it is recommended to use 5/4 due to better performance and longevity.

Color selected wood vs. unit purchase                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Every job that goes through Beach City Stairs is carefully hand selected for color, grain and natural beauty. When you purchase wood without careful selection you in a sense are forced to use that in someone’s home.

Pl premium vs. liquid nails or others
Pl premium is one of the strongest adhesives on the market today. It is used To assure that your staircase performs the lifetime of the home and there is no customer service issues down the road. Beach City Stairs uses the PL premium adhesive not only because it is over three times stronger than other leading brands. The reason for this is to eliminate squeaks creeks and failure of your stair components.
(when you walk on a staircase with 5/4 tread and PL premium there is an obvious quality)

Solid rail vs. engineered
Beach City Stairs railing of choice is clear solid rail that is made here in the USA. Engineer rail is an imported handrail from China that often times will have a seam in the middle of the handrail. Unfortunately many customers are given this without the understanding that there is different types.

Solid iron vs. hollow
When it comes to using Iron balusters, there are two main choices either you use solid Iron or Hollow Iron. The major differences in our opinion is that the hollow iron may sometimes look to perfect leaving out some of the natural character on iron. With solid iron balusters you can see, feel and appreciate the quality that is has. This is one of the ways people save some money is using hollow iron balusters. Beach City Stairs chooses not to use hollow balusters because solid iron has the authentic feel and elegance that a customer deserves when investing good money on a custom stair project.

Professional finisher vs. someone staining
To make sure that your product is not only installed well using quality products but also finished and painted well. Beach City Stairs only uses industry professionals who have been primarily doing staircase finishing for 12-26 years. Part of the reason you have a long life of the staircase and railings solely dependent on the quality of the finish. This is what allows your staircase to maintain its beautiful luster for many years.

Team effort vs. one man operation
At Beach city stairs you’re working with a team of guys who have been hand selected. Instead of working with only one person, you have access to everybody in the company to make sure that your project goes without any delays. You will know that you have somebody that you can count on at all times if ever you had a questions or concern.

Custom application vs. off the shelf
Everyone of our staircases are custom designed not to fit our own personal taste but to complement both the customer as well as the home. The posts, rail, balusters and thickness of woods that are chosen are often times a higher quality or more custom than what many people in the industry choose to use. When somebody is investing money to improve their home we feel that it is an opportunity to provide something that you won’t find in every other house.

“I hope that in reading this you feel confident in Beach City Stairs and know that we have your best interest in mind!”

Kevin Label -Owner